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The Gradual Release of Responsibility

March 3rd 2022 3:30-4:30pm

  • Online meeting

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Fisher and Frey’s ground-breaking model, the Gradual Release of Responsibility, explores how we successfully fade scaffolds to allow learners to complete tasks independently. With that in mind, this session explores how we can apply this model in the classroom, leading to more independent and resilient learners. It’s the age-old problem: we model an example response for our students, it really seems like they’ve grasped how to construct their own response… and it falls flat. In this session, appropriate for any classroom teachers, we explore the dangers of students becoming too dependent on teacher intervention, and how we can help our learners to become more self-regulating in their work. Objectives: 1. To understand the dangers of student over-reliance on teacher scaffolding 2. To explore how we can fade scaffolds, using the Gradual Release of Responsibility 3. To apply this model to our own teaching practice This session is free and hosted online.

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