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Appropriate Body Services

If you are taking on Early Career Teachers you'll need to select an Appropriate Body.

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What is an Appropriate Body?  

The role of Appropriate Body is to independently quality assure the statutory induction that Early Career Teachers (ECTs, previously called NQTs) will have, and to ensure that schools provide sufficient support for their ECTs along with a fair and consistent assessment.  Employing schools have a statutory responsibility for selecting an Appropriate Body for their ECTs.  

Why choose us? 
At the NELT Teaching School Hub, we have five years' experience as an Appropriate Body, successfully supporting over 100 Early Career Teachers. Our Appropriate Body team are also members of Shotton Hall SCITT, providing significant leadership, mentoring and CPD experience across a range of schools and phases.
We have a clear understanding of the needs of ECTs, mentors, and induction tutors, and have been involved in the development and delivery of the early roll out of the Early Career Framework this year.  

Our experience includes:

  • 5 year track record of Appropriate Body provision to schools across North East 

  • Our knowledge of regional schools, challenges and the diverse needs of pupils 

  • Team with extensive experience of the Induction Tutor role, mentoring and ECT development in a wide range of diverse schools  

  • NELT Teaching School Hub has an Ofsted Outstanding SCITT provision and supported by Outstanding schools 

  • We have co-developed and delivered ECF programmes as part of Early Roll Out in the North East 

  • We offer streamlined systems for schools to submit information and develop progress reports that aim to reduce workload 

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Why do ECTs need to be registered with an Appropriate Body?


An ECT cannot begin their induction until their Appropriate Body has been agreed. From September 2021, the Appropriate Body will be either a Teaching School Hub, a Local Authority, National Teacher Accreditation or the Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel. 

Can we use you for our ECF and Appropriate Body provision?  

Yes, in most circumstances we can supply both services. In a limited number of situations, we can only provide one, but we can discuss this with you if the situation arises.


If you go with another ECF provider, you can also contract us just to supply Appropriate Body services, or to supply your ECF services along with a separate Appropriate Body provider. 

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Full Induction Programme: £55 per term per ECT, no fidelity check costs


Core Induction Programme: £55 per term per ECT for Appropriate Body, £150 per school per term for fidelity checks (plus £50 per additional ECT per term) 


School-based Induction Programme: £55 per term per ECT for Appropriate Body, £250 per school per term for fidelity checks (plus £75 per additional ECT per term) 

Our service

  • 2 year induction support in line with March 2021 statutory DfE Appropriate Body Guidance 

  • Streamlined, manageable online processes from registration of ECTs and pre-induction checks through to submission of reviews and reports 

  • Registered ECTs with the Teacher Regulation Agency and reporting outcomes 

  • ECF fidelity checks (subject to type of induction delivered) 

  • Induction Tutor, Mentor and ECT training around statutory guidance 

  • Handbook for schools 

  • Sample QA visits to schools 

  • Half termly email memos with prompts to support induction processes  

  • ECT, mentor and Induction Tutor access to a named contact for support across 2 years (via Teams, phone, text or email)  

  • Progress Review and Assessment report support, analysis and feedback 

  • Moderation of assessment reports 

  • Additional support as requested by schools 

  • Evaluation and feedback to inform AB service provision