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Who is the NPQ for SENCOs aimed at?

The NPQ for SENCOs is designed for current or aspiring SENCOs, or school leaders such as senior leaders or headteachers.

What will you learn?

You’ll develop expertise in the knowledge, skills and concepts for areas of cross- and whole-school responsibility related to your role.


Modules include: School culture, implementation, statutory framework, identification and assessment, teaching, behaviour, partnership working, leading and managing provision, and professional development.

Course length

18 months

Course partners

The NPQ for SENCOs course is delivered in partnership with either Teach First or the National Institute of Teaching (NIoT). Participants have the options of choosing either provider for this course, however, your lead provider would be NELT Teaching School Hub.


Teach First: £1,265

NIoT: £1,250

Schools with the highest 50% of pupil premium pupils, as well as early years and 16 to 19 educational settings identified as having high disadvantage, may be eligible for fully-funded NPQSENCO places, subject to availability.

How to apply with Teach First

Step 1: Apply via the DFE, linked here, and select NELT as the partner provider


Step 2: Complete an online application form, linked here, and return it to

How to apply with NIoT

Step 1. Apply via the DFE, linked here, and select NELT as the partner provider

Step 2: Complete an online application form, linked here

We offer:  

  • Exceptional nationally recognised professional development training  

  • Established Research School to underpin evidence-based practice  

  • Experienced staff to support your journey 

  • Extensive network of schools and teachers to help to support your career 

How participants benefit: 

  • Supported professional development leading to a valuable, nationally recognised qualification 

  • An opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in specialist areas and school leadership while valuing your time 

  • Possible career advancement into a specialist area 

How schools benefit: 

  • Build capacity to develop expertise in high quality teaching practice 

  • Developing and retaining excellent teachers and specialists in behaviour and culture 

  • Empowering your colleague to drive change aligned with your school’s strategy 

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Get in touch about the NPQ for SENCOs

To discuss the NPQ for SENCOs or NPQs in general you can speak to our Operations Manager, Leanne Storr, who can talk you through the high quality provision on offer from NELT Hub as well as how to apply. Call Leanne on 0191 518 0222 or email us using the link below.

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