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NPQ Senior Leadership

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Who is the NPQ Senior Leadership (NPQSL) aimed at?

The NPQSL is for school leaders who are, or are aspiring to be, a senior leader with cross-school responsibilities. 

What will you learn?

You’ll develop expertise in the knowledge, skills and concepts for areas of cross- and whole-school responsibility related to your role. Modules include: • Teaching • Curriculum and assessment • Behaviour • Additional and special needs • Professional development • Organisational management • Working in partnership • Governance and accountability • Implementation

Apply for our NPQ Senior Leadership programme

We offer:  

  • Exceptional nationally recognised professional development training  

  • Established Research School to underpin evidence-based practice  

  • Experienced staff to support your journey 

  • Extensive network of schools and teachers to help to support your career 

How participants benefit: 

  • Supported professional development leading to a valuable, nationally recognised qualification 

  • An opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in specialist areas and school leadership while valuing your time 

  • Possible career advancement into a specialist area 

How schools benefit: 

  • Build capacity to develop expertise in high quality teaching practice 

  • Developing and retaining excellent teachers and specialists in behaviour and culture 

  • Empowering your colleague to drive change aligned with your school’s strategy 

NPQ Events

  • Talk to us and ask questions about NPQs and development opportunities

    30 min

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