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See it, Name it, Do it

Each of the School-Led Network’s NPQ programmes uses the ‘see it, name it, do it’ model. All of the reformed NPQs use this approach to scaffold learning to the point of mastery. This is intended as a very practical and personalised way of developing as advocated by the Leverage Leadership Institute.

See it – the approach goes beyond theory by using current, real-life models of exemplary practice.

Name it – by identifying features of exemplary practice, the invisible is made visible. Participants reflect on their current practice and name their ‘gaps’.

Do it – participants are guided through implementation planning with time for practice, peer feedback, and the use of gap tasks. As part of formative assessment participants then ‘fix their gaps’ by applying their learning in school.

Through each of the NPQs there will be opportunities to ‘do it’ through planning and practice to give participants the best chance of successfully implementing their learning in school. For us, this is critical if we are to realise the potential of NPQs to support our profession.

Each NPQs programme also has built-in flexibility in programme design as well as a wealth of support from programme facilitators and mentors.

NELT Teaching School Hub is working in partnership with the School-Led Network to provide NPQs. Check out our website or learn more about the School-Led Network. You can also get in touch to have an informal chat with someone from our team.


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