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Appropriate Body: Your questions answered

What is an Appropriate Body (AB)? Appropriate Bodies have always provided support for schools with the induction of newly qualified teachers (NQTs). From September 2021 the new Early Career Framework (ECF) will be adopted by each school employing an Early Career Teacher (ECT). These schools will need to work with an Appropriate Body (AB) to quality assure their statutory induction. An Appropriate Body we do two key things:

  • We quality assure each school’s assessment of teachers against the teacher standards; and

  • We check that teachers are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF.

Why does my school need one? If you are employing Early Career Teachers (ECTs), then you will need to select an Appropriate Body. As of September, the only organisations authorised to provide Appropriate Body services will be Teaching School Hubs and local authorities, so you may need to find a new Appropriate Body if you previously used a different service. When a school employs an ECT it must advise the Appropriate Body before they take up their post to ensure that the support processes are in place. The Appropriate Body not only supports the schools it works with but also the ECTs and each one should be given a named contact for independent support and advice.

How can NELT Teaching School Hub help? We can provide Appropriate Body services, and we can also signpost you to other providers. We are an experienced Appropriate Body and team are also members of Shotton Hall SCITT, an Ofsted rated Outstanding provider with significant leadership, mentoring and professional development experience across a range of schools and phases. We understand the needs of ECTs, mentors, and induction tutors, and have been involved in the development and delivery of the early roll out of the Early Career Framework this year.

Next steps Learn more about our offer or get in touch to have an informal chat with someone from our team.


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