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NPQ: Leading Behaviour and Culture

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are professional teaching qualifications that allow you to explore elements of teaching practice and show evidence of your learnings. The previous NPQ in Middle Leadership has been replaced with three specialist NPQs; Leading Behaviour and Culture is one of these.

This NPQ recognises the importance of behaviour and culture within the school environment and, after the lockdowns of last 18-months, is even more valuable for teachers supporting pupils. It formalises knowledge and allows the creation of a culture of high expectations across the whole school, improving behaviour by creating a positive, safe and predictable environment for all students.

The NPQLBC contributes to the creation of a culture of professional learning and continuous improvement to support teachers to be able to motivate pupils and work effectively with parents and carers to build positive relationships.

The programme is designed to fit around you and your current commitments and offer a flexible work/life balance while you study. The NPQLBC is a 12-month commitment with ongoing support from facilitators, mentors, and the programme manager.

The programme is designed to be delivered both face to face and online over three terms. Delivery may be half days (four-hours) or two-hour twilight sessions; this is to ensure there is a high degree of accessibility for participants.

Who is NPQ Leading Behaviour and Culture for?

This NPQ is for teachers who have influence over the school culture and support for those with complex needs as well as professional development and implementation. If you are currently working as a head of year or are responsible for well-being and behaviour then this NPQ will further embed your work and enhance your knowledge. The programme aims to empower participants to:

  • Create a culture of high expectations, professional learning and continuous improvement across the school

  • Support the development of a positive, predictable and safe environment for pupils

  • Support pupils who need more intensive support with their behaviour, and present and respond to bullying

NELT Teaching School Hub is working in partnership with the School-Led Network to provide NPQs. You can get in touch to have an informal chat with someone from our team.


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